Day 113 - Zion National Park - 4067 km

Utah is different, Utah is another world. I’ve never seen so many colours of brown and red soil together. It’s rich and saturated, and contrasted by the green bushes and the crisp dry air which makes the skies more blue it opens up a new world for me.

We’re leaving from St George in the south-west of Utah, where I could stay a few days with Chris and his girlfriend. Chris is a ‘hardcase-only guy.’ He uses cat litter boxes as panniers, which are conveniently used as a stool and kitchen table while camping. Bicycle tourers will know what I mean. A chair is a big luxury when you’re cycling all day. He’s just joining me for the day and we’re  heading to Zion National Park. On our way we met Robbert Butter, a dutch cyclists doing the Trans-Am. Funny enough he lives in Kloetinge, of all places. A little village in the south of the Netherlands where I grew up for a few years. The world is such a small place. 

On the switchback road going up in the park we’re forced to hitch a ride, because the park rangers are not allowing us to bike through the tunnel. We knew this, and there’s a lot of traffic so we’re able to stop a car without much waiting. An older couple in a brand new pick-up truck with trailer hauls us through the narrow tunnel. It’s a fun drive. We camp in the field just over a hill, out of sight of park rangers and share our inventive camping tricks. Robbert learns us to make a fire by just putting the wood on his gas stove for a few minutes, without bothering with kindling and small wood. Chris is able to get my greasy stove, in which is just cooked an Indian dish, totally cleaned by rubbing it with soft sand. It takes half an hour sanding per pot, but what else do you do when you’re sitting around a campfire in a beautiful place.