Day 125 - Dead Horse Piont, Utah - 4568 km

According to legend, Dead Horse Point got its name because the mesa top served as a natural corral surrounded by tall vertical cliffs on every side. Only a narrow neck of about 27 meters wide connected Dead Horse Point to the much larger mesa called the Island in the Sky. Local cowboys herded the wild mustangs living nearby onto Dead Horse Point, then closed the gate on the short stretch of fence they built across the neck of land to prevent the horses to escape. After selecting the best horses for their own use, the culls, called broomtails, were allowed to escape. On one occasion, however, either the gate was left closed or the horses were unable to find their way out. All died of thirst within sight of the Colorado River flowing through the abyss below.

Rachel went back home after our little road trip and I headed south from Green River, via the Canyonlands. There were some great trails going along the steep cliffs. Usually I avoid the single trails, because the heavy weight on the bike make it undoable. But these trails were not to demanding and fun to cycle.

I spend the night at a large flat rock which was still warm from the daylight sun. The night was so beautiful that I left the tent in the back. Give me more of those days waking up with the sun in my face.