Day 235 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - 5947 km

It’s evening. A mighty palm tree in front of our balcony glows up from the apartments lights facing the see. Its hot in the room. She crawls from under the blanket, still with her jewellery on. Outside on the balcony the air is fresh. I lean against the old iron fence. A short fir coat is the only thing she wears when she walks outside. I smoke a cigarette and listen to the sea. She leans towards me. An interesting relationship, or whatever you may call it. She’s a model, I’m a photographer. There’s the mutual interest, but we also like each other. “Every artist needs a love, a lover and a muse’, she says. I look in her incredibly blue eyes and think about what she is to me. I think about other lovers, what they mean to me, what I mean for them. Travel relationships are full of curiosity, they evolve fast into something. At the same time they can disappear as the wind. But it’s still valuable, because the memories and lessons learned let you grow, and stay forever. 

While hail storms are tormenting Mexico City, it’s warm and tranquil here at the coast. I’d never thought to end up here, in beach town Puerto Vallarta, staying for a week in this 60s style condominium with a girl I met in Guadalajara only a few weeks ago. Her father lets us stay in his resort apartment for free. We’re the youngest people in the building. It’s mostly retired Americans hibernating, enjoying the tropical climate in their private apartment. It’s a pretty place. The Pacific is steps away from our door and throws big waves onto the steep, short beach. The calming noice of the sea is there all the time, day and night. Today we’ve been going out for swims and had some fun making photos. Alejandra is open to try new things for her modelling career. For me a welcome opportunity to photograph something different than just my bike in a landscape. I’m developing a side project shooting portraits. In Mexico City I have more shoots planned. Exciting stuff. 

In the morning I browse through my inbox and read confused messages from followers who miss the bike-pics in my news feed from the past weeks.  Sometimes I forget I have the reputation of a bicycle traveller, who cycles everyday. More than ever I focus less on the destination (Patagonia). I only continue when there is nothing that holds me at one place anymore. I don’t need breaks because I’m tired of cycling. I simply want to create more memories. There are just to many reasons to stick for a while.