Day 253 - Nevado de Toluca, Mexico - 5988 km

Climbing up Nevado de Toluca

Antonio takes in the view before the climb steep climb starts up to Nevado de Toluca. I’m a little behind, as will be the entire day. Antonio lives in Roma Norte and reached out via Instagram. He did some touring in Europe and Turkey and wanted to join me for a one day ride up and down the volcano. 

We’re taking the less travelled dirt road from the east. 1300 meters altitude gain over 17 km, which is steep, and the road quality is not too good. I’m struggling big time. The before I was sick, and my stomach just caught up with me again. Then there the altitude. 4000 meters is not a comfortable place when you’ve been born and raised at sea level. The higher we got up on the mountain the more I needed to push my bike and take breaks. I was out of breath. I guess the long break in the city had weakened me a bit. Antonio was doing better, being native to the high altitude and pushed me to continue. Just above the tree we took a break to cook some food. I thought I was done. We made some quesadillas and pasta which gave a boost. But while the sun set it cooled down fast. We packed up and went for the last part up to the lakes, which was not so steep. My fingers started to freeze and it got dark quickly. When we arrived at the first, smaller lake we took a break. The dramatic light was simply breathtaking, but I was in agony because my fingers started to warm up again. You know the feeling… I had no energy to continue, so we started the return trip.

For the downhill we prept our lamps, added another layer and let ourselves roll down the hill. It wasn’t very safe because there was no moon or any light. We hardly could notice the rocks and ditches along the sandy track. The more we got down the warmer it became. Down in the village we dismantled the bikes, loaded them in the car and bought a six-pack of Pacifico. Beautiful ride for a day. 

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