Day 347 - Hierve el Agua, Mexico - 6578 km

These natural pools at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca are usually shared by many tourists. I figured it would be a much better experience to camp at site, get up early and be the first to touch the mineral water. So I rode out from Oaxaca City on a fairly straight route, only the last part would be a steep climb over a dirt road, not more than 500m. (scroll down for gps track)


I arrived at 7pm, one hour before the park closes. I was tired of the climb so I focussed a 100% on a can of beer and a bag of chips while watching the tourists hanging about in the pools a few levels lower. I would take my moment in the morning. The only other people also camping here were Einar and Marie, a German couple, on their way to south in their grandfathers pick up. It's always great to catch up with people from home (read: Europe) and I was taking adventage of the luxuries of a 'car kitchen', which has a lot more to it than a 'bike kitchen'. Marie cooked veggies and I took care of quesadillas, the Mexican equivalent of a boterham met kaas


The night was extremely dark. I took some long exposure shots and the sky turned out weirdly green for some reason. I got up at 7 and went down. The air was extremely soft, no wind, and warm colours on the horizon. An incredible and unique view. Einar walked down too, Marie was still in bed. Hierve el Agua means ‘The Water that Boils.' The pools are created by fresh water springs that contain calcium carbonate and other minerals, which creates the white residue. I spend some time at the pools enjoying the solitude and silence. In the distance I saw Einar taking in the view, sitting on the petrified waterfalls. This ‘frozen’ waterfall is built over thousands of years and keeps growing every day, an extraordinary sight. A great moment to spend some minutes pondering about it in the morning sun.