Day 376 - Yaxuna, Yucatan, Mexico - 6802 km

Everything is far from everything in Yucatan, and so is this little village called Yaxuna. It's known (not widely) for its cenote and a small Maya ruin. There is also a ruin of Spanish church, but the village never grew larger than just a few blocks. I was at first mainly interested in the cenote. This one is particularly beautiful and because it is a bit far from the tourist route, it made it more interesting for me to have a look. (more in the next post)

When I arrived in this little sleepy village, I found the cenote just 3 blocks from the main road. It was surrounded and covered in trees, you could pass by in a car and see nothing. It looks like a little valley of trees. The old iron fence around it was closed. After asking around I learned it would open at noon, so I looked to find a restaurant, I was out of food. There was no restaurant, but I got pointed to place where hamburguesas and panuchos were being prepared. It was a small wooden house, built in the most simple way. While I was waiting I could sit on their table in the little bamboo house. The edge of the roof was as low as my chest Everything inside was small, when I sat down I was still taller than the women working in the kitchen. We were having a lot of fun about the size difference.

What strikes me is the ethnic variety of indigenous people you still find in Mexico, in contrast with North America. I had visited the National musuem of Antropology in Mexico City, an impressive museum which has a lot of visual reference of the civilizations in Mexico before the Europeans came here. It's incredible to see that the indigenous tribes still live here today. In Yucatan the large majority of people are Maya.