Tom, Luba, Phoebe and Lolo are also on a big cycling journey. In the same year they cycled twice(!) the distance I have done, meaning they spend a lot more days in the saddle. Now we are both in Mexico and I am visiting them in their house at Lake Bacalar, where they take a long break from cycling. 

There are so many ways to approach a bike trip like this. Tom and Luba are two doctors from Slovakia and always dreamed of spending life on the road. They also started in Vancouver, but did a big loop through Canada. They brought their dogs Phoebe and Lolo, who are in a trailer, pulled by Tom. It must be a lot of fun to travel with dogs, especially camping in nature. Sometimes, when the dogs are too bored of sitting in the trailer, they run along, if there is no traffic.

After a year on the road they found it time for a break. On a housesitting website they found this house, situated at the crystal clear Lake Bacalar in Yucatan. It's a large property with a house and some seperated apartments, which are rented out on Airbnb. For six months they stay here for free, in return for looking after the property and pets, a dog and two cats, and managing the rentals.


The turqoise water are a bliss to swim in, they have canoes to go out on the lake and a large house in paradise. It seems like a dream life, but there are some challenges too. Being so long in extreme humid weather their bags and cycling wear started to mold. It took a lot of effort to make everything mold free again. Because the house is solar powered, there is not enough power, not even fans, which can make it difficult to stay cool on the hottest days. The house has windows without glass, only a mesh keeps the bugs out. Even when you are in the house, you have the feeling you are outside, which is really nice. You can feel the wind laying in your in bed.

It was a lot of fun hanging out together, sharing stories from the road and playing with the dogs. Tom took me out for a canoe trip on the lagoon at the end of the afternoon. We watched the sunset from the lake, but had to be back on time before the mosquitoes would eat us up. You simple couldn't be out of the house for a minute without the strongest bug repellent all over your skin. The jungle during raining season is merciless. Another challenge they told me about is to keep the rain out of the open windows, when it goes storming. They need to cover the windows facing north with sheets of plastic to keep the house from flooding. All together a lot of work, to keep paradise paradise.  

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