Selina hostel in Granada

Selina hostel in Granada


Day 438 - Granada, Nicaragua - 8274 km

I was unsure if I should cross Nicaragua by bike or simply avoid it. The bloody demonstrations against long standing president Daniel Ortega had turned the country upside down. There was a negative advise for tourist to travel through the country. Now in August things had settled, but I heard different stories.

Eventually I made the call to take a bus into the country and cycle from Managua, the capital. It would take me 3 days to reach Costa Rica. The border crossing into Nicaragua took long. A very unorganised border control office brought me from one officer to the other. I needed to make copies of the stamps in my passport at the other side of the road and I eventually I was good to go and got back in the bus. The only unusual thing I saw in Managua were that some streets were blocked by police, not sure for what reason.

I reached the colonial town of Granada at the end of the day by bike. It took me a while until I found a hostel that was open, everything was closed because since April tourists had stayed away. Someone told me the Selina hostel on the central square was still open. The receptionist was sleeping on one of the sofas at the entrance. I was the only guest. When the first demonstrations took place in April there were over hundred guests staying daily, the host tells me. Now almost none. Although the political situation hasn’t changed much the unrest has stabilised in the country, meaning there is no threat for tourists. There wasn’t a moment I felt unsafe to be honest. But it will probably take some time before tourists will start travelling through Nicaragua again. To me everything looked normal. People were welcoming and friendly.