Sundays in Bogota are nice. The city quiets down a lot. Some of the main connecting roads are blocked off from motorised traffic from 7am-2pm, so people can freely bike, run, skate, walk their dogs or just sit on the curb to socialize. During the week traffic can be intoxicating, especially by the many old busses with their black exhaust. There are no isolated freeways or expressways in Bogota so roads get clogged easily. The more pleasant the contrast when it’s all quiet on Sunday mornings. It’s a joy to be outside. Bogota is perhaps the most developed bike city in South America with the longest network of bike lanes.

It’s a great thing which I often take for granted as a Dutch citizen, where separate bike lanes are standard throughout the entire country. But this is different. The complete absence of motorised traffic (on Sundays) make make for such a liberating and fun vibe. You can see that the people are happy. I saw a man in his fifties, running behind a wheelchair carrying an old lady, probably his mom. They were both smiling all the time. And you don’t have to worry if you get a flat or any other problem. Along the roads are bike mechanics stationed, ready to fix anything instantly. There are fruit carts selling sliced watermelon, mangos and plenty of other refreshments. A great social event on city level and a reason to go outside.