Day 482 - Bogota savanna - 9165 km

It had been a while since I made a fire at camp. It must have been in Baja California. For the majority of travelling through Central America it would have been too warm, the reason why I camped less than before. Nights of sticking against the plastic material of the sleeping mat, trying to get a sleep, with the mosquitoes bouncing against the mesh, was simply not worth it while there were affordable hotels with AC around the corner.

That’s different now. I’m just out of Bogota at the edge of the savanna at 2500m which are the perfect conditions for camping, even cold enough for a little fire. There was a fenced off piece of land along the Bogota river, but the fencing was so run down it was easy to carry the bike over. The tracks were grassy, clearly this land was out of use. A perfect place to camp, out of sight from the road, surrounded by tall trees. Big vultures rose to the canopies from the beddings in the dammed river and watched me as dark silhouettes while it got dark.

It doesn’t get old. Every time I love the camping. It creates some headspace, while ghosting around in the dark staring at the skies and looking for firewood. The full moon made it a beautiful night. I sent photos to my friends in Bogota who I had just left behind. They loved the pictures but thought I was crazy. I slept badly. My sleeping rhythm had changed in the city from going to bed late and getting up late. Now I had to adjust back to the rhythm of the sun, which gets up at 5.30am and sets at 6pm.

The next morning I left the high altitude. Almost immediately the road dropped down from the dry Bogota savanna onto the green slopes with banana and avocado plantations. Stunning views into the valley on a road I shared with many cyclists enjoying their Sunday off. It became a long day, winding down while the sun became hotter, ending up in a town at 480m where the heat was unbearable. A completely different climate I woke up in this morning. I left the tent to dry on the balcony and put the AC on full strength. The coming days were going to be sweating again.