Day 485 - Tatacoa Desert, Colombia - 9386 km

It’s hot again, being back at low altitudes. All the colours are faded white and yellowish grey, the sky deep blue, with sharp clouds. Im back in the desert, the crisp air and overwhelming light. The silence of a liveless land. The sun is direct and unforgiving. So much light that I can’t read the screen on my Iphone. My head is weary by the shake of the road. Dirt and rocks. Good thing is there are hardly cars. It’s eyepleasing, but not for the body, that gets shaken and stirred. I’m on a little hill and can see far around me. A motorbike carrying a small family passes by, for a minute I can hear their chatter and soft noisy of the motor, until it fades away into the silence. I just passed a little house that sold drinks, I was craving for a cold Coke but I was out of cash. I paid the last restaurant in Nicaraguan money. The owner was fascinated and showed it to everyone. I’m tired. I need to get out of the sun, out of the heat, I’m so done with it. Thats why I loved Bogota so much, it was cold. My natural habitat. Another 10 km through the white dirt, then there will be a village, hopefully with an ATM. A sparse cool little breeze cools my face, which I just wetted with the warm water in my bottle. I’ts disgusting, but i have to drink it. A car passes and let me taste the dust. The landscape looks pale and dead. The sun dries and consumes everything. The scenery reminds me of roads in Oregon, Nevada and Utah. There is a beauty in the emptiness, the opposite of the jungle, which is an abundance of life.