Day 52 - Hawk Hill, San Francisco, California - 2794 km

This is how I arrived in San Francisco. Im on a viewpoint overlooking the city. A windy spot, the highest you can reach with a bike to see the city and the Golden Gate Bridge. But you could hardly call it a view. The fog has blown over the hills through the bay. Hot summer air from inland is coming together with the cool air from the Pacific, creating San Francisco’s cool micro climate. 30 meters below me on a parking lot a group of tourist takes a selfie with an unrecognisable backdrop of the grey city. There are just a few seconds now and then that you actually see the two pillars of the iconic bridge. Not the pretty picture I was expecting. I just changed my cycling clothes to dry ones after the steep climb to avoid a cold. The wind gusts over the hills and it’s getting colder. I planned to camp here but it doesn’t appear to be attractive at all. My camera just died and I forgot to charge my battery. Now im sitting here with the wind in my back, looking at a colourless void which could have been an incredible view. All of this could be amazing, but it’s not. There is no epic picture coming out of this. No drone shots cycling into San Francisco. I’m unlucky. 

Still I enjoy the view. Because I can hear it. Far in the distance I hear the noise of the city. The dense traffic moving over the bridge, then over the hills, along the Victorian houses. Sometimes the mist gets a little thinner, and I see a white sailboat far away on the blue waters, just for a few seconds. Then it closes again. After half an hour I wrap up and start the downhill into the city. San Francisco will be my home for the coming weeks, because I have some work to do. Time to stay put for a while.