Day 675 - Yungas Road, Bolivia - 13956 km

Yungas Road is a dirt road connecting La Paz on the altiplano to the Yungas region in the steaming Amazonian jungle. It was officially named the “World’s most dangerous road” in 1995, with an estimated 200-300 people killed every year. Now there is two-lane paved alternative through another valley and the ‘Death Road’ is only used by local traffic and is popular among mountain bikers.

The title is a bit overrated to my opinion, used as clickbait to attract tourist. It’s predominantly a beautiful ride through the jungle. The mountains are lush green and incredibly steep, sometimes literally vertical, with overhanging ferns and waterfalls that sprinkle you wet as you ride underneath them. I can imagine that this road becomes more dangerous when traffic is dense with busses and trucks, especially in rain season when rock and mudslides are part of the commute.

For me it’s a day in the park. The sun shines and it’s only downhill. A pleasant transition, going from the barren altiplano to the rich jungle. Many memories come back from the journey. As you descend you feel the air become more moist and the scents of the flower arise. I forgot how sweet it is — the smell of life, butterflies that surround me in an abundance of sounds, colours and growth. You feel the power of nature.

The start of the downhill at 4700m. The end of the road is at 1100m.

The start of the downhill at 4700m. The end of the road is at 1100m.