Day 761 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 17521 km

A total solar eclipse is something you don’t often see in your life, so when I heard it would happen not too far from where I was, I booked a flight from Bariloche in Argentinian Patagonia to Buenos Aires for a few days.

A solar eclipse occurs when a new moon gets between the earth and the sun, and the moon casts a shadow over Earth. On 2 July in the end of the afternoon it would be visible from many places across Chile and Argentina but only a full cover could be witnessed on a thin stroke of land from Valparaiso on the coast of Chile to the other side of the continent just south of Buenos Aires.

I was invited by some friends to stay in their house in Buenos Aires. Together we travelled out of the city to see the eclipse. When we arrived at our planned spot it was a bit cloudy and chance were it wouldn’t clear on time. We kept driving over the pampa until we found clear skies. We didn’t have eclipse glasses, so we squinted our eyes to see how far the moon had already covered the sun (which hard to notice without glasses). After 2,5 hours we were out of the clouds and just in time for 2 minutes complete darkness — magical!

Thanks to Daniel and Maxo from @thebikingsproject for hosting me.