Day 100 - Mono Pass, Yosemite, CA - 3340 km

Tonight I spend the night at 2800 meters. I couldn't sleep of the sudden cold and a fear of bears. I still hadn't seen them which felt as something missing through this US trip. As much as I was intrigued to spot a bear, I was scared as well. Lying alone in this little tent, basically as bait. Because I wasn't protected at all and I also couldn't get away fast because I was deep in a soft grassland at the foot of Mt Dana. An amazing view for a camp site. I needed to get this far from the road so the park rangers would see me. Eventually I caught a sleep and when I woke up early in the morning everything was beautifully frosted. I had breakfast, and packed op for only a few hundred meters of climbing and then a long downhill into the desert.