Day 31 - Mitchell, OR - 1395 km

This is Mitchell, a little town where I stayed for a few days at the Spoke’n hostel. Or actually, it’s a church, but the weekly congregation on Sunday only attracts a handful of souls, including three God-fearing dogs. Therefor they’ve cleared the churche space and transformed it into a charming hostel. The congregations are in the basement, in a more intimate setting, where also the kitchen is. I didn’t photograph it properly because they did it themselves already. It’s another place I can’t stop talking about how welcoming they are to the pedaling traveller. Since they are a host on, cyclist stay for free but are welcome to donate. A few hundreds stay here yearly, because it’s right on the Trans America bicycle route. Patrick, the pastor, barber, schoolbus driver, handyman and manager runs the hostel and church with his lovely wife Jalet. 

Mitchell is a sleepy old western town where time seems to stand still, and people repeat the same ritual day in day, for their entire lives. Like Steve, who has lived never somewhere else and takes care of some ranches and the old mercantile on Main street. For me it’s the perfect place to wind down and find respite from my desert dwellings of the past few days. I’m grateful to experience there are still so many good samaritans out there, supporting the weary traveller. Thank you, Patrick and Jalet.