Day 50 - Anchor Bay, CA - 2627 km

I’m avoiding Highway 101, the busy road from Seattle to San Francisco, as much as possible. During the first days through Washington the same road was fairly quiet. Now, getting closer to the San Francisco bay area, there’s a lot more traffic on the road. Sometimes the highway is the only choice. If there is a detour, I’ll go for that. A really beautiful one is the Avenue of the Giants, an older road along the Highway meandering through old grown Redwood forest. I’m again surrounded with the largest and oldest organisms on the planet: California Redwoods, reaching up till about a 100 meters. Cars dissapear as little toys in the distance. After this I take a right onto Highway 1 State road, following the coast towards San Francisco. 

It’s a lot of up and down. Looking at my statistics I’ve already climbed 30.000 meters along 2700 km. There are hardly any flat bits. The hills are reasonably small but steep and plenty. You climb up in first gear, then letting yourselves fly down the hill in the highest gear, gaining as much momentum as possible. Then slowly gear down as the elevation increases back to first gear crawling up onto the last bit of the next hill top. It continues like this for miles and daily distances are short. Mine are even shorter because I have to do some work in between so I hardly reach 50 km a day. With the amount of RV’s and cars on the road it’s not always enjoyable. It’s summer so there are a lot of people visiting the coast for holiday. The views are amazing, and the climate is perfect. It’s sunny and a mild 20-25 degrees with a cool breeze from the sea. Certainly no a burden to kill time here. The sea gets more blue and the hills more orange. San Francisco is not far anymore. Time to put some flowers in my hair.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 08.38.56.png