Day 104 - Tonopah, NV - 3551 km

The views are unchanging for the majority of my time cycling through Nevada. From hill top to hill top, through stretched out, lifeless valleys. Often there is more to see in the sky than on land. Clouds fly over, storms evolve in the distance and disappear again. My next destination, Tonopah, on the other end of the straight line, glistering behind the mirage, a fooling 25 km ahead. I’m losing myself in a mantra of pedalling. These distances can drive you nuts, like you’re not making any progress at all. It makes you feel tiny and vulnerable. But I feel that I experience something raw and pure. Not being part of the world for a while, in a moonscape surrounded by space and dust, far from human influences. It cleanses the mind and soul. I’m surrendered to the vastness, and being in the middle of it I’m bound to it. Something that can be frightening at times. The way back is now as long as the way forward. Stay sane, and keep pedalling. Enjoy the silence, the void, the beauty.